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Architectural Ornaments

Nurse Station columns

St. Luke’s Medical Center

Architectural Column




Decorative columns for St. Luke’s Medical Center. Several of these were manufactured to mount between the counter and ceiling at the NICU nurse stations. Each wing had it’s own theme from leaves to trees to fish. The columns were constucted from high density urethane, resin coated and finished with polyurethane paint. Sizes ranged from 48 inches to 8 feet tall. Designer Nancy Armstrong of Armstrong Planning & Design provided conceptual pencil sketches and color schemes derived from materials used in the hospital. Studio 2000 specified the construction materials and fabrication techniques to create the final three-dimensional columns.






Carved Eagle


United Heritage Insurance

Hand carved eagle from African mahogany. The client wanted an eagle behind the reception desk. Studio 2000 used an eagle silhouette from the company's logo to create this carved version.



Deco column in lobby

Plaza 121

Light columns and elevator surrounds constructed from African Rosewood veneer and light bronze metal accents with a solid surface base and a bronze and acrylic light fixture. The six light columns along with the elevator surrounds, add an Art Deco flair to this lobby at Plaza 121. Designed by Armstrong Planning & Design and Studio 2000.



Carved Pencil

Murie Design Group

This decorative pencil was originally carved from high density urethane to make a silicone mold. The pencils are cast in resin.


Fish and Seaweed

Carolinas Medical Center

Tropical fish and seaweed sculpture located in a children’s waiting area of the hospital. This was one piece of an underwater themed room.Constructed with steel, aluminum, acrylic and high density urethane. Finished with paint, polyurethane and translucent glazes. Designed by Wright, McGraw & Beyer Architects, Thematics and Studio 2000.


Celt Construction


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